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We would like to introduce you to our Mobile Ads. We have a fleet of 5ft tall x 10ft wide and 5 ft. x 20 ft. Ad trailers pulled by Sport Cars and SUVs. These units provide an excellent street-level read day or night. Mobile Billboards are great for events, corporate branding, conventions, website awareness, concerts and for name recognition. Our Mobile Billboard (outfitted with your mural/graphics) can run anywhere in the U.S. to deliver bold, impactive information about your business.


Price List:

We work with every client individually and build programs to fit every sized budget. We can construct a pricing program as best suits you, by the day, week, month or annual.



I appreciate the opportunity to present our info to your organization, you may contact me at:
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Reach your audience where they live, work and play. Our fleet of  Mobile Billboard Trailers takes your message to the streets, anytime, anywhere and at the right price.

With today’s highly focused advertising demands, billboard trucks and trailers are one of the most effective and efficient means of targeting your audience and getting their attention.

Mobile outdoor advertisement is designed to carry your message outdoors, anytime you want it to go, anywhere you want it to go.

It allows an advertiser to target a specific market like no other media available. Routes can be zip code, geographic or demographic specific.


Visibility and Flexibility

Your message will get noticed on our Mobile Billboards Trailers:

Our Billboards are 6’ x 10’ and 6’ x 20’

(Promote 4 ads on 1 - 5’ x 20’ Unit)

It is ideal media for:


Website awareness

Product Launches

Trade Shows

Events Promotions

Grand Openings, Retail Sales events, Ethnic Marketing

Brand Awareness

Recruitment Campaigns



Imagine your message driving to your customer’s front door.

You’re Close!

Picture a giant ad parked at a  sports event.

You’re Getting Warmer!

See your target audience as they remember your message.

You’re Warmer Still!

Picture your billboard anywhere you want it to be.

You ’re right on the money !!  


1. Your message will literally travel to your target audience’s front door.

2. It grabs attention wherever it goes boasting a 97% recall rate.

3. One of the most cost effective media in  its class.

4. Mobile Outdoor Advertisement can run for 7 days and provide major metropolitan coverage at a low cost.

5. Need a route change? Want to switch the message mid-week? No problem, one call does it all.

6. New banners can easily be installed.

7. Personalized customer service to


For customized quote email us at:

Anderson Mobile Media


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